Monthly Archives: July 2009


Welcome to the archive website for the OBAltimore project conceived by Dr. Matthew Durington, associate professor of Anthropology at Towson University during the year 2009.

If you have further questions on this project please contact Matthew Durington at

If you are a participant in this project I welcome you to comment on your video and dialogue with the student who shot it or with me if it is one that I posted.

If you would like to view the videos outside of the wordpress site please visit the OBAltimore channel on youtube:

Linked to this front page and below this ‘welcome post’ you will find a series of posts consisting of video clip(s) and/or pictures followed by a reflexive piece written by the individual who made the video to establish context. ¬†You will notice that some of the posts are categorized by the communities of Sharp Leadenhall and Hampden, this is to reflect the concentration of the larger research project.