On November 10, 2009, I participated in my first fieldwork experience. This was very interesting to conduct this interview however it took me out of my element. I am not used to becoming comfortable around complete strangers, let alone holding an interview with them. I interviewed a young man from the Greenmount area that stays here on campus currently.  I approached him and asked if he would participate in my anthropological fieldwork required for my anthropology class. He agreed to help me out and be my interviewee. The presidency and the impact on the world was a great topic of discussion for this media assignment. I was interested to find out what his thoughts about Obama would be. The first question asked was, “What do you think about the election of Obama?” The election meant a lot to him. He felt as if he stuck to all the points he put forward throughout his campaign and that he was qualified. Some of his response goes along with question two, “Do you think the election of President Obama has a direct impact on your life?”  He said that he was proud to say that a great man became president not only because he was African American, but because he was a qualified, educated, and well spoken man. And that it’s great to see this man as president and someone that follows in past figures footsteps such as, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He felt that Barack Obama was a good example of a man making success following his great struggle that others can identify with. The last question we touched base on was, “What impact do you think the election of President Obama will have on urban areas in the United States, particularly on housing?” He did not think that he will have a huge impact on housing. If he could say anything to President Barack Obama, he said he would tell him to keep up the good work and continue to put his best foot forward.
Overall this experience was interesting and my curiosity was filled with his responses to the questions. It was great to be pushed out of my norm to do something I wouldn’t do on a regular basis. Once the interview began to flow I became more comfortable.


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