Upon receiving this assignment I was skeptical about heading down to Baltimore to interview a random person on the street. Once I actually got the opportunity to conduct an interview, however, I was happy I was able to be part of the study.  I held my interview in the Sharp Leadenhall community with two of its members.  Both people were waiting to work for the Ravens by handing out surveys to the fans during the fourth quarter. As a way for the Ravens Corporation to “give back” to the community, the member’s of Sharp Leadenhall are given the opportunity to hand out these surveys for $30 a game. The woman I interviewed, Monica, seemed less than thrilled to be spending her Sunday in the stadium but explained that “a dollar is a dollar.” As I spoke to Monica and then interviewed her, it became clear that she was very happy with the election of President Obama.  The smile on her face clearly expressed how delighted she was with his election and the impact it has had and continues to have on her life. After the interview was over a man named Derrick standing nearby asked me what I was doing and I describe the assignment to him.  He asked if he could be a participant and I graciously accepted his thoughts and opinions. Like Monica, Derrick also seemed quite pleased with our new president.
Overall, I am very glad we were given this assignment because it allowed me to venture into an area in which I was not 100% comfortable.  I am now able to better understand the concept of fieldwork and appreciate the work of anthropologists a little more.


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