I conducted my interview at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor on November 7, 2009.  This seemed to be such a great day to go because the weather was nice and sunny, which drew such a large amount of people to come out to the Harbor, sight-see, and have fun.  At first, I was pretty hesitant on approaching several people, and ended up backing out and walking away.  It usually is not an easy task for me to approach people I do not know, and even more so, ask them questions.  I knew it would be a challenge working outside of my comfort zone.

While looking around, I spotted a lovely couple sitting on one of the benches talking.  So, I gained courage and approached the guy first.  I introduced myself and explained to him my task.  He then pointed to his wife and said that she would be the better candidate because she loved to talk.  She laughed at what her husband had said, and then gladly accepted to participate in the interview.  Success!  The lady introduced herself as Pauline and told me that she was a Baltimore resident that held the occupation of a lawyer, and was very proud of it.  Right away, I could tell that she cared a lot about the well being of our country, which Pauline later declared.  The interview went very well.  She expressed that she felt Obama was young, intelligent, and capable of doing a good job as President of our country.  It was very interesting and encouraging to hear her opinion about President Obama, who is the first President of the United States with minority descent.

Overall, I loved participating in this OBAltimore Project.  It opened my eyes to realize that everybody has different views of their own and can perceive things in different ways.  Some people just want their voice and opinions to be heard by someone who cares.  I learned that fieldwork is a great way to get involved, meet new people, and learn to be more open-minded about the views and opinions of others.  The OBaltimore Project was a great learning experience for me, and I would love to be an anthropologist and participate in fieldwork again in the future.


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