This is the archive site for the pedagogical exercise OBAltimore.

If you are seeking further information on this project please contact:

I had students enrolled in an Introductory Cultural Anthropology course and an upper level Urban Anthropology course explore the practice of fieldwork with visual methods utilizing flip video cameras ( and a set of standardized questions that I had established from my own interviews for the project.  The questions are below:

-What do you think about the election of President Obama?

-Do you think the election of President Obama has a direct impact on your life?

-What impact do you think the election of President Obama will have on urban areas in the United States, particularly on housing

-If you could say something to President Obama what would you say or ask?

The intention with the four questions was to establish some form of continuity between the disparate videos.  Beyond the four questions students were encouraged to extend the conversation and many did.  Students also had to garner consent and invite participants to visit the wordpress website where the videos would be posted.  The hope was that this would create a platform to establish a dialogue between individuals that might not occur otherwise.  There is an intended focus on housing to try and elicit a response that addresses this particular portion of urban living.


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